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Combining data with policy analysis to  inform and inspire the people in a  position to make a difference. 

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Illustrating Impact supports mission-driven organisations to become more impactful by innovatively using data.

We combine your data with open data and policy analysis to create engaging tools and insights. This allows you to make better informed decisions about future projects - and publish powerful updates on your prior impact.

Our director, Tom, has spent twelve years using data to reduce the barriers facing people experiencing poverty. He is particularly passionate about projects that benefit young people.


Some of the great organisations we work with!


Improving services for young people by enabling organisations who work with schools to better target their work and build connections.

We designed and built an interactive, online Tableau mapping tool in collaboration with the Fair Education Alliance. This type of data had not been collected or shared in this level of detail before.


“Working with Illustrating Impact took our project from an aspirational ambition to a fully realised and functional data visualisation tool. It is now being used by hundreds of members across the country to target work and build connections across the education sector. Given the opportunity I would work with them again in the future.”


Ensuring households on lower incomes are fully visible to their local councils and receiving their full entitlement of support.

We redesigned the analytics platform built by Policy in Practice that is now used by over 50 councils to better support lower income households in their areas. Councils can maximise the income of their residents and prepare for policy changes.


“Tom is an exceptionally skilled and dedicated visual designer. I've been impressed by his interest and ability to get into detailed subject matter related to a wide range of social policy issues affecting low-income families across the UK. I would have no hesitation in recommending his team to others.”


Providing practical insights on how schools can make a difference by drawing insights from surveys completed by over 40,000 young people.

We collaborated with ImpactEd to analyse data from over 100,000 surveys to provide insights on topics such as the impact of the COVID lockdowns, teacher wellbeing, and literacy.


“They delivered an ambitious piece of data analysis and visualisation for us to challenging timelines. Their support on our national research about the educational impact of Covid-19 was instrumental in the success and wide reach of this project. Tom was always a pleasure to work with and his curiosity for finding the interesting stories in data, combined with his attention to detail was a real asset to our project team.”


Mapping the provision of services supporting people experiencing homelessness in London to identify unmet needs.

We collaborated with Homeless Link and the London Housing Foundation to design and build online tools to track service provision across London and compare this to the changing needs.


"Illustrating Impact stood out immediately in their attention to detail and enthusiasm for the subject matter, clearly demonstrating they had given the project careful consideration. I was greatly impressed by the efforts Tom had gone to in understanding the context around homelessness and housing policy and our selection panel was unanimous in choosing Illustrating Impact to work with us and our project partners"


Developing tools to improve public safety by better understanding how people's experiences of crime compare to recorded statistics.

We collaborated with the Hampshire PCC to design and build a suite of data visualisation tools to support their work. 

There was a particular focus on violent crime reduction and providing insights on how the public perception of crime is reported via the Crime Survey, as compared to recorded crimes.


“Thank you so much for another fantastic product. It is absolutely wonderful, and I wish I’d had this years ago.”


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If you are interested in how we could support your impact, please get in touch at -

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