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Our founder, Tom Shirley, began working independently in March 2018 and has since been growing the business into the organisation that is now Illustrating Impact.

Tom is passionate about the potential that reliable data has, when presented beautifully, to enable professionals to make more effective decisions. He particularly enjoys working with local government and third sector organisations where this benefit means an improved experience for users of essential public services. 

Prior to setting up Illustrating Impact, Tom spent five years with the education data specialists Mime Education. As a consultant he was able to gain experience with a wide range of teams, all using data to improve the life chances of young people - across the age range from early years through to higher education. 

Illustrating Impact still work in education but now have clients across the public sector, from homelessness services to welfare and benefits. Tom also believes there are lessons to be learned from the commercial sector and is currently working with Merdeces Benz Vans to improve their reporting capabilities across the user journey.

As well as working primarily with social organisations, Illustrating Impact donate 10% of revenue to GiveWell. This organisation uses data to highlight the most effective charities internationally per dollar of spending. These are typically in global health such as the Against Malaria Foundation.

Tom was proud to be independently awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 2019 to travel internationally and explore best practice around initiatives that aim to link novel financing models and social impact to maximise sustainability for social enterprises. Read more on Tom's Fellowship here

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