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Mercedes Benz Vans Insight Engine

Supporting Metryx in updating Mercedes reporting to enable stakeholders across the business real-time, self-serve access to actionable insight on customer journey.

This project is being led by Metrx, an expert analytics consultancy in the automotive industry, who are assisting Mercedes Benz Vans UK in doing a full upgrade of their business intelligence function. The project is working across the business with stakeholders from Marketing, Finance, through the Sales & Delivery Planning team and on to the Aftersales unit, who are responsible for vehicle servicing and ensuring customer loyalty.


Automotive manufactures tend to use multiple centralised and local systems and employ several agencies at different points in the customer journey. This can lead to data driven decision making being a real challenge due to the complexity and resource required to answer the necessary questions. This project is looking to centralise the analytics into an automated, online Tableau Server environment to ensure everyone in the business has the insight they need to move the business forward.


Technically the work Illustrating Impact are responsible for is first to develop a reliable new proof-of-concept data model and writing SQL queries on top of this that can provide all the KPIs the business currently use automatically. We are also the lead developers on the Tableau visualisations, building out the designs that Metryx are drawing up with the team at Mercedes.


The first phase of the new Insight Engine is just coming out of user testing and work is ongoing on what we hope to be a long-term relationship with Metryx and Mercedes Benz to create a market leading analytics platform for the business.

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